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Introducing Nu, LLC
November 25, 2020 at 5:00 AM
Nutritionists in Ridgefield, CT help promote better health with medical nutrional therapy.

Nutrition Counseling & Education Experts

We are proud to introduce Nu, LLC – a nutrition counseling and education practice focused on helping you optimize your diet and reach your health goals. While what you eat can have a significant impact on your overall health and wellbeing, most people remain unsure about which foods to eat, feel guilty about eating the “wrong foods,” or simply believe that they don’t have the time to prepare something nourishing. At Nu, we show you that you can enjoy your favorite foods and prepare nourishing meals for yourself and your family without a ton of work or an ounce of guilt!

Nu, co-owned by Ridgefield, Ct registered dietitians Meg Whitbeck, MS, RDN, and Ava Safir, JD, MS, RDN, provides the greater Fairfield County area with evidenced-based therapies and individualized care that focus on all aspects of lifestyle and nutrition. We take the time to get to know you, understand your needs and goals, and customize a nutrition plan specifically for you.

What Can Nu Do for You?

1. Medical Nutrition Therapy

Nu’s dietitians are specialists in Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT). MNT is an evidence-based medical approach to treating chronic diseases that can only be provided by accredited and licensed dietitians like the team at Nu. MNT has been proven to reduce the risks from existing medical conditions by both promoting effective self-care behaviors and lowering the risk of developing new complications. These preventative measures focus on treating the underlying condition, saving you money on costly treatment options and reducing the need for expensive medications.

2. Weight Loss & Healthy Weight Management

We meet clients wherever they are on their journey to a healthy weight and guide them toward a meal plan that is effective and sustainable long-term. We use a non-diet mindfulness-based approach which makes it easier to shed unwanted pounds and can also help remove the intense psychological burden of chronic dieting. If you need to gain weight to achieve better health, we use this same approach to guide you into a healthier relationship with food that leads to better nourishment of your body and mind.

3. Support

When you work with a dietitian at Nu, you will find a partner in your health and wellness journey. We will spend 60-90 minutes in our initial consultation speaking with you, asking questions, reviewing lab tests, and taking the time to understand your nutrition goals. We are available between nutrition counseling sessions via email and brief phone calls, and we regularly reach out to doctors/other healthcare providers to ensure that you are receiving optimal care.

4. Education

Nutrition education empowers clients with the knowledge and skills to make healthy food and beverage choices. Whether it’s learning to read a nutrition label, how to put together a weekly meal plan, learning how to shop with a food allergy, or providing corporate wellness programs that address healthcare concerns for your organization, Nu dietitians can provide the nutrition education and resources you seek.

Nu, LLC is Fairfield County's Premier Nutrition

Counseling and Education Provider.

If you're tired of struggling with chronic health conditions or finding no success with the latest dieting fads, contact our accredited and licensed dietitians in Ridgefield, CT. We bring decades of combined experience in nutritional counseling and education to the table, and we can create an individualized plan designed to bolster your overall wellbeing and increase your quality of life. Take the first step in your journey today by visiting us online to set up your initial consultation.

We're here to help!
No matter what your nutrition concerns and goals are, we can help.